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“Senior Living with Assistance”


The Terrace
250 Herndon Drive

Apartment Floor Plan For General Questions – (907) 235-7655
For Housing Questions – (907) 235-4553

Is Apartment Living for You?

Moving out of “home” is always hard, but the financial cost and physical toil of maintaining a home becomes even harder when retired and the nest is empty.

Living in one of our apartments provides freedom from the everyday worries that come with owning a home – no more chores! Each morning you will start a new day with the confidence that you will be fully supported by in-house services and skilled 24/7 nursing care. You will be part of a family whose focus is the needs and desires of each individual while providing security, comfort, companionship and fun…yes, Fun! You are never too mature for fun!!

Our apartments are unfurnished one-bedroom with small kitchen, nice-sized living room and a roomy bathroom. The shower has features designed to ensure your safety.

So….why wait! Take a deep breath, pick up the telephone, and give us a call. It is possible you will wonder why you hadn’t become a part of our family sooner!

All of our apartments are one bedroom (unfurnished) with a handicapped bathroom.


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We have visitors regularly! But, they always forget to sign in.

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Homer Senior Citizens, Inc. Phone Numbers

Homer Senior Citizen Main Phone Number
(907) 235-7655

FAX Number
(907) 235-3739

Administrative Assistant/HR – extension 50
Accounting – extension 52
Administration Assistant/Housing – extension 53
Administration Assistant/Membership – extension 54
Activities/Volunteer Opportunities – extension 55
ADS/Friendship Center – 56
Food Service/Kitchen – 57
Maintenance/Transportation – extension 58
Assisted Living Administrations Assistant – extension 61
LPN – extension 63
RN Manager – extension 64
Terrace Lobby – extension 48


To make it easier we have the following essential staff contact information.

Name Phone Email
Keren Kelley, Executive Director 235-4551 keren@homerseniors.com
Robbie Fuller, Membership & Marketing 235-4554 robbie@homerseniors.com
Kate McNulty, Admin. Assistant & Housing 235-4553 kate@homerseniors.com
Paula Frisinger, Human Resources 235-4550 paula@homerseniors.com
Connie Ball, Finance Manager 235-4552 accounting@homerseniors.com
Daniel Weisser, ADS Manager 235-4555 daniel@homerseniors.com
Activities/Volunteer Manager 235-4555 activities@homerseniors.com
Danikt Kuzmin, Maintenance Supervisor 235-4558/399-6048 maint@homerseniors.com
Brandon McLean, Food Services
235-4557 kitchen@homerseniors.com
Nicole LaBombarbe, LPN Assisted Living Manager 235-4563 nicole@homerseniors.com
Terrace Staff 399-1328
RA/CNA cell phone for after-hours 399-1328





Administration Assistant/HR 50
Accounting 52
Administration Assistant/Housing 53
Administration Assistant/Membership 54
ADS Manager/Activities/Volunteer Coordinator 55
ADS/Friendship Center 56
Food Service/Kitchen 57
Maintenance/Transportation 58
Assisted Living Administration Assistant 61
LPN 63
RN Manager 64
Security/Greeter 48,49