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Board of Directors

Homer Senior Citizens, Inc. begins with our board of directors and touches every member of our organization daily. Our board members are elected at the annual membership meeting and serve three year terms. Together they focus on the areas of strategy, policies, and fundraising for our center. Meet Our Board

Board Committees are opportunities for members to contribute their expertise. Members may serve on Committees to broaden the knowlege to accomplish our goals. Our standing committees are Finance Committee, Policies Committee, and Nominating/ Membership Committee. Recently formed was a Fundraising Committee. If you have any talents pertaining to these topics and would like to serve, contact Ernest Suoja, President.

Board of Director Meetings

Meetings are held on the Third Wednesday of each month at 1:30 p.m. in the Dining Room Annex, unless otherwise noted on the agenda.

Annual Meeting

During our Annual Board Meeting held May 19, members unanimously elected two new Directors for the Board. We welcome Pat Melone and Merlin Cordes.

Congratulations to your 2017 Officers of the Board

Pat Melone, President
Vacant, Vice President
Merlin Cordes, Treasurer
Sharon Wilson, Secretary

We thank you for all your time and commitment to the Homer Senior Citizens, Inc.

The By-Laws were approved at the May 2012 Annual Meeting. Recommended changes discussed at the meeting will be brought back to the Membership during next year’s revision process.

Homer Senior By-Laws


If you are interested on serving, please take a moment to review the materials below:

Board of Directors Application


Board of Directors Introduction

Welcome to the Homer Senior Citizens, Inc.

Homer Senior Citizens, Inc. is always looking for new members to join us to serve as a Board Director in providing a high level of quality service to our senior citizens of the Homer Area. Our mission is “To offer opportunities to adults 55 years and older to live life to its fullest!” You as a Director will have the opportunity to ensure the future success of our organization. You will make important decisions to provide high quality care and compassion to the seniors and their families. You will be part of a team of Directors who will lead the organization. Your individual commitment will be as a team member who always defers decisions or comments to your valuable team and you will act in concert with your fellow Directors. You will have a unique opportunity to utilize your professional skills in one or more committees. The following Committees are led by Directors with HSC members and staff: Finance, Membership and Nominating, and Policies. Special Committees are formed as the work deems necessary. In the past, we have had Strategic Planning, Bylaws, and Land Acquisition Committees. To be an ideal board director, you will have a range of professional and volunteer experience, and time commitment to the organization. You will be asked to be analytical, with high integrity, and possess good communication skills. Your desire to serve as a director will be forthright and honest. Our regularly scheduled meetings are the third Wednesday of the month at 1:00 p.m. in the Dining Room Annex. Please take a moment to review the following documentation to ensure your success as a Board Director. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Membership and Nominating Committee Chair, Gert Seekins at 907-235-7655 seekins@xzy.net  

Responsibilities of a Board Director Board of Directors Information Packet Candidate Questionnaire Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Responsibilities of a Board Director

Responsibilities of a Board Director

A Board Director will be 55 and an active member of Homer Senior Citizens, Inc.

A Board Director will contribute financially to meet grant funding requirements.

A Board Director will have a TB Test annually.

A Board Director will undergo a State of Alaska background check.

The power and authority of the Board comes from the Board as a whole; individual members
do not have decision-making or directive authority unless specifically designated by the
Board. The Board of Directors alone has directive or tasking authority of the Executive

No director or officer of the Board shall enter into contractual agreements, formulating policy
and procedures or supervising staff. The Board of Directors shall make decisions in the
name of the corporation convened by its Chairperson at a regular or special meeting after
due notice to all directors of such meeting.

No director or group of directors may act in the name of the corporation to manage or initiate
projects or services unless directed by the Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled

Be a conscientious member of the board, helping the board to fulfill its responsibilities for
directing the Homer Senior Citizens, Inc.

Be loyal to HSC always furthering the interests of the organization as a whole in its mission,
vision and values and always disclose and avoid any personal conflict of interest.

A director will be prepared for the meetings, listen and respect other directors, participate
and ask questions to gain knowledge about topics presented to the Board.

A Director will ensure decisions are made on the behalf of the organization based upon the
information that is presented. A director will ask questions if more information is needed.

Respect confidentiality of the Board and refer all inquiries for public statements to the Board
President and/or the Executive Director.

Support and defend the decisions of the Board without reservation or personal interest.
Direct all concerns, requests for information, or assistance to the Executive Director or

Be active in self-evaluation of the Board and be responsible to notify the Board President if
he/she cannot carry of the duties of the position.

Conflict of Interest Policy


Conflict of Interest Conflict of Interest Policy for Board Members, Officers, and Executives Homer Senior Citizens, Inc. is a charitable organization whose board members and executives are chosen to serve the public purposes to which it is dedicated. These persons have a duty to conduct the affairs of the Corporation in a manner consistent with such purposes and not to advance their personal interests. This conflict of interest policy is intended to permit the Corporation and its board members, and executives to identify, evaluate, and address any real, potential, or apparent conflicts of interest that might, in fact or in appearance, call into question their actions on behalf of the Corporation.

1. Covered Persons This policy applies to the board members and executives. Each Covered Person shall be required to acknowledge, not less than annually, that he or she has read and is in compliance with this policy.

2. Covered Transactions

This policy applies to transactions between the Corporation and a Covered Person, or between the Corporation and another party with which a Covered Person has a significant relationship, or between another party and the Covered Person if the transaction could reasonably be expected to impact the Corporation. A Covered Person is considered to have a significant relationship with another party if:

a) the other party is a family member, including a spouse, parent, sibling, child, stepchild, grandparent, grandchild, great-grandchild, in- law, or domestic partner;
b) the other party is an entity in which the Covered Person has a material financial interest. This includes entities in which the Covered Person and all individuals or entities having significant relationships with the Covered Person own, in the aggregate, more than 10 percent; or
c) the Covered Person is an officer, director, trustee, partner, or employee of the other party.

A Covered Transaction also includes any other transaction in which there may be an actual or perceived conflict of interest, including any transaction in which the interests of a Covered Person may be seen as competing or at odds with the interests of the Corporation.

3. Disclosure, Refrain from Influence, and Recusal

When a Covered Person becomes aware of a proposed Covered Transaction, he or she has a duty to take the following actions:

a) immediately disclose the existence and circumstances of such Covered Transaction to the Corporation’s board in writing
b) refrain from using his or her personal influence to encourage the Corporation to enter into the Covered Transaction
c) physically excuse himself or herself from any discussions regarding the Covered Transaction except to answer questions, including board discussions and decisions on the subject

In order to assist the Corporation in identifying potential Covered Transactions, each Covered Person annually shall complete the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire attached to this policy and shall update such Questionnaire as necessary to reflect changes during the course of the year. Questionnaires shall be submitted to the Executive Director who shall be responsible for their custody. Completed Questionnaires shall be available for inspection by any board member or the Corporation’s Legal Council if necessary.

4. Standard for Approval of Covered Transactions

The Corporation may enter into a Covered Transaction where the following conditions are met.

a) such Transaction does not constitute an act of self dealing
b) the board determines, acting without the participation or influence of the Covered Person and based on comparable market data, that such transaction is fair and reasonable to the Corporation. The board shall document the basis for this determination in the minutes of the meeting at which the Covered Transaction is considered.

5. Administration of Policy This policy shall be administered by the board, which shall be responsible for the following:

a) reviewing reports regarding the Conflict of Interest Questionnaires
b) receiving disclosures of proposed Covered Transactions
c) reviewing proposed Covered Transactions to determine whether they meet the above-described standard
d) maintaining minutes, pledge of personal commitment, and such other documentation as may be necessary and appropriate to document its review of Covered Transactions
e) reviewing the operation of this policy and making changes from time to time as it may deem appropriate

Adopted by the Board of Directors September 21, 2010

Conflict of Interest Questionnaire

Homer Senior Citizens, Inc. (HSC) requires each board member and executives annually:

1. to review the HSC’s Conflict of Interest Policy (the “Policy”);
2. to disclose any possible personal, familial, or business relationship that reasonably could give rise to a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest in the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire; and
3. to acknowledge by his or her signature that he or she is acting in accordance with the letter and spirit of such Policy on the Pledge of Personal Commitment.

The information provided on this form shall be available for inspection by members of the Board, Executive Director and HSC’s legal counsel, but shall otherwise be held in confidence except when, after consultation with the applicable signatory, the Board determines that HSC’s best interest would be served by disclosure.

Please respond to the following questions to the best of your knowledge.

1. Please list all corporations, partnerships, associations or other organizations of which you are an officer, director, trustee, partner, or employee, and describe your affiliation with such entity.

2. Please list all corporations, partnerships, or other entities in which you have a material financial interest as defined in the Policy as entities in which Covered Persons and all individuals or entities having significant relationships with the Covered Person own, in the aggregate, more than 10%. Please also list the actual ownership percentage.

3. Please list any existing and/or proposed business dealings between HSC and you, your family members, and/or entities. Describe each such relationship listed and the actual and potential financial benefits as you can best estimate them.

4. Are you aware of any other relationships, arrangements, transactions, or matters which could create a conflict of interest or the appearance of conflict? If so, please describe.

5. Please list all business dealings that you, your family members, and/or entities have had with HSC in the past two years.

I have read the HSC Conflict of interest policy. I am currently, and agree to remain, in compliance with the Policy.

Download Conflict of Interest Form
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