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Meals On Wheels

Our Meals on Wheels program serves participants who are over 60 years of age and home bound. While many of our participants are long-term, we do serve short-term clients who are recuperating from a hospital stay for illness or injury. These participants may receive Meals on Wheels for a week or two until back on their feet and able to prepare a meal for themselves.

We supply 1/3 of the Required Daily allowance with each meal. Participants have the option to receive frozen meals to heat and serve over the weekend.

Our delivery area is from where the Old Sterling meets the New Sterling (8 mile) and out to the Fritz Creek General Store and up East and West Hill to the Skyline cutoff.  Due to food safety concerns, Homer Senior Citizens, Inc. will not leave food at a residence if no one is home. 

To register for Meals on Wheels complete our application and submit it by email or in person.

Meals On Wheels Application

If you would like to help support our program and make it a great success, you are welcome to complete the Pledge Form or, we invite you to donate by clicking on the “Donate” button below to begin.

Thank you for supporting us!


Participant Responsibilities

Be home when the delivery arrives. Please call us if you won’t be home.

Our driver is not responsible to bring back messages.

Please note we will not leave meals if you aren’t home.

In the case of an emergency, such as hospitalization, please have someone notify the office as soon as possible.

Because we care about your welfare, if there is no response at your home, our policy is to error on the side of caution and assume there is an emergency. Depending upon the circumstances, we may call your emergency contact, the hospital and the police.

How do we fund this program?

Funding for the meal program is partially funded by a State of Alaska grant, but it is the community’s support and participant donations that make this program such a huge success.

Remember your generous donations help this program remain a success.

What is the cost to me?

If you are over the age of 60 then we ask to you contribute as much as you feel you can afford towards the $5.00 per meal. Remember it is your generosity that helps us maintain this very valuable program.

A $25.00 donation will provide one week of Home Delivered Meals to one senior!


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Homer Senior Citizens, Inc. Phone Numbers

Homer Senior Citizen Main Phone Number
(907) 235-7655

FAX Number
(907) 235-3739

Administrative Assistant/HR – extension 50
Accounting – extension 52
Administration Assistant/Housing – extension 53
Administration Assistant/Membership – extension 54
Activities/Volunteer Opportunities – extension 55
ADS/Friendship Center – 56
Food Service/Kitchen – 57
Maintenance/Transportation – extension 58
Assisted Living Administrations Assistant – extension 61
LPN – extension 63
RN Manager – extension 64
Terrace Lobby – extension 48


To make it easier we have the following essential staff contact information.

Name Phone Email
Keren Kelley, Executive Director 235-4551 keren@homerseniors.com
Robbie Fuller, Membership & Marketing 235-4554 robbie@homerseniors.com
Kate McNulty, Admin. Assistant & Housing 235-4553 kate@homerseniors.com
Paula Frisinger, Human Resources 235-4550 paula@homerseniors.com
Connie Ball, Finance Manager 235-4552 accounting@homerseniors.com
Daniel Weisser, ADS Manager 235-4555 daniel@homerseniors.com
Activities/Volunteer Manager 235-4555 activities@homerseniors.com
Danikt Kuzmin, Maintenance Supervisor 235-4558/399-6048 maint@homerseniors.com
Brandon McLean, Food Services
235-4557 kitchen@homerseniors.com
Nicole LaBombarbe, LPN Assisted Living Manager 235-4563 nicole@homerseniors.com
Terrace Staff 399-1328
RA/CNA cell phone for after-hours 399-1328





Administration Assistant/HR 50
Accounting 52
Administration Assistant/Housing 53
Administration Assistant/Membership 54
ADS Manager/Activities/Volunteer Coordinator 55
ADS/Friendship Center 56
Food Service/Kitchen 57
Maintenance/Transportation 58
Assisted Living Administration Assistant 61
LPN 63
RN Manager 64
Security/Greeter 48,49