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Meal & Transportation Program

What’s for dinner?
Could it be something delicious?

Senior Citizen 60 years or older:  Donation of $5.00
Senior Citizens under 60 years:   $10.00
Lunches are open to the public (Monday – Friday each week)

Start your dinner with a trip to our famous salad bar to feast on fresh delicious vegetables and fruits.  Add a delectable mouth watering Salmon Dinner or, possibly sit down to a candle light dinner of Lamb Chops, always wonderful to enjoy with family and friends.  After the feast, top it off with a fabulously delicious meringue cookie!

Come join us!  We would love to serve you!

Your donations are always welcome!  To donate to meal program please click the “Donate” button to begin.


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Homer Senior Citizens, Inc. Phone Numbers

Homer Senior Citizen Main Phone Number
(907) 235-7655

FAX Number
(907) 235-3739

Paula Frisinger, Human Resources235-4550paula@homerseniors.com

Name Phone Email
Keren Kelley, Executive Director 235-4551 keren@homerseniors.com
Nyla Lightcap, Membership & Marketing 235-4554 nyla@homerseniors.com
Kate McNulty, Admin. Assistant & Housing 235-4553 kate@homerseniors.com
Accountant 235-4552
Daniel Weisser, ADS Manager 235-4555 daniel@homerseniors.com
Daniel Weisser, Activities/Volunteer Manager 235-4555 activities@homerseniors.com
Danikt Kuzmin, Maintenance Supervisor 235-4558/399-6048 maint@homerseniors.com
Jorge Silva, Food Services Lead Chef 235-4557 kitchen@homerseniors.com
Bonnie Betley, RN Manager 235-4564 bonnie@homerseniors.com
Nicole, LaBombarbe, LPN 235-4563 nicole@homerseniors.com
RA/CNA cell phone for after-hours 399-1328





Administration Assistant/HR 50
Accounting 52
Administration Assistant/Housing 53
Administration Assistant/Membership 54
ADS Manager/Activities/Volunteer Coordinator 55
ADS/Friendship Center 56
Food Service/Kitchen 57
Maintenance/Transportation 58
Assisted Living Administration Assistant 61
LPN 63
RN Manager 64
Security/Greeter 48,49